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curtis-robins-uncle-curtCurtis is an experienced, full-time performer and an award winning Magician and Balloon Artist.  A true artist that has won awards for his ballooning and entertainment skills and specializes in family style entertainment. In 1976 while serving in the United States Coast Guard, Curt picked up the art of balloon twisting (safer than whittling). Thereafter he enrolled in Clown School in 1991 and has been a full time entertainer since 1996. Curt continues to attend learning events to better his trade and bring happiness to all! On occasion, Curt is called to teach others on the art of ballooning. During his career of entertaining he met Karan in 1993 at the Circus Magic Clown Convention in Williamsburg Virginia. As “true love” goes… the two married and became Uncle Curt & Hugs the Award Winning Entertainers you have seen at various restaurants, parties and events in Virginia.

Karan-Robins-Hugs-EntertainerKaran is also an award winning Balloon Artist, face painter and Christian clown. At the Circus Magic 1995, Karan and Curtis were both brought up on stage at the awards banquet for first and second place winners for Best-All-Around Clown. Karan beat-out her boyfriend by 14 points, and Curt took first place balloon awards in all categories! The old saying goes, if you can’t beat them join them… or keep your enemies close? Curt had 500 clowns shout “Karan, will you marry Curtis”! Of course the rest is history for these two award winning entertainers… but is it?

Mondo, Curtis’ son, started learning about the performing arts when he was about to turn three. He’s attended many international conventions on the subject of entertaining and has won an award for his balloon art in 2012. Now, being 16, he continues to entertain with his parents for occasions that require more than one entertainer.


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Uncle Curt and Hugs are award winning entertainers with decades of experience. Their shows are high energy & clean fun for the whole family. Call Us Today! 804-598-6639.